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11/08/2018 9:30 am  #1

Newest Golden Goose shoes AU outlet sale

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is described as a modern brand for generations. Newest Golden Goose shoes AU outlet sale, "Our modernity is also popular with mature and young consumers, suitable for millennials and for older consumers." Unlike other luxury brands, we retain the value of typical classic luxury, such as timeless value, the existence of iconic products, but at the same time Concepts of luxury and street, "she said:" The new generation, more open, more travel-driven, is influenced by global market trends, so they immediately understand that we are a real brand Venice, inspired by travelers Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is a brand from Venice in Italy to Venice in California, and our series is often from this "coastline" to the "coastline" journey. "

For the first few generations, they do not immediately realize the positioning of the retro style in the luxury sector. For us retro is a kind of value, for the classic timeless love and the spirit, not to waste, A real life experience behind the retro Our shoes have changed the way people think about exclusive, handcrafted products: through research and Innovation of luxury goods enhances the value of the brand: we are a way of life. Brand, because we are a kind of existence, Golden Goose Men shoes online online discount sale, an emotion, a fashion, to find their unique expression of history. Therefore, this new concept of luxury is easier for the younger generation to understand.

As Benaglia said, the brand quickly opened the market because of its unique positioning and the promotion of popular culture and young people's love. Currently, she believes that the brand is still in a growth process. "We are in the consolidation phase in Europe, Korea and Japan, and the brand has been on the market for a long time, Purchase High quality Golden Goose Kids shoes, whether wholesale or retail, we are in a phase of massive expansion and have grown in the past two quarters. China is a new market for us, "she said.

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